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Kids Insights is a specialist division of Manchester based market research agency Bee Industrious.

Our vision is simple “To produce the leading insight into the world of kids, tweens and teens in the UK, which help brands develop #gamechanging insight led strategies”

Conventional industry reports are produced annually and provide marketers with just a snapshot of “global trends”. We know that this approach does not fulfil the needs of modern day marketers – due to the increasingly dynamic nature of markets.

We provide clients with access to real-time data and insights ensuring our clients are aware and informed of “global trends” which might affect their business and enabling them to respond proactively and successfully to “flash trends”.

Kids Insights enables agencies, product developers, content & media producers, licensed property owners, tech companies and FMCG brands to have an unrivalled view into the world of kids, tweens and teens.

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There were an estimated 11.5 million 4 to 18 year olds in the UK, an increase from 11.2 million since 2010 (as of mid 2016 – latest estimates from the ONS).

With a population size of 11.5m, our 5000 results per quarter are accurate to a 99{eba8bf3cefa41f82a26f4290c5f82be36706122ef354749aff83129a30bc19ac} confidence level (industry standard is 95{eba8bf3cefa41f82a26f4290c5f82be36706122ef354749aff83129a30bc19ac}) with a 2{eba8bf3cefa41f82a26f4290c5f82be36706122ef354749aff83129a30bc19ac} margin of error.

This is well above the acceptable margin of error, which is typically between 4{eba8bf3cefa41f82a26f4290c5f82be36706122ef354749aff83129a30bc19ac} and 8{eba8bf3cefa41f82a26f4290c5f82be36706122ef354749aff83129a30bc19ac} at the 95{eba8bf3cefa41f82a26f4290c5f82be36706122ef354749aff83129a30bc19ac} confidence level.

20,000 kids

surveyed per year

Over 400

data records added every week


in-depth reports each quarter

1 innovative

data portal






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