Areas of Research

Overview of Reports

We categorise our research into four main areas of interest, which our On-Track reports reflect.  The Kids Insights On-Track quarterly report series is made up from Leisure Measure, Reach Meter, Screen Scape and Trend Alert. They provide some of the biggest brands and agencies with detailed analysis and commentary of what young people are consuming and what is influencing their behaviour.

Screen Scape

Screen Scape is the definitive digital report into kids content

Specifically what kids are watching, playing and talking about! The report focusses on their consumption of content, how long they are spending and how they are accessing their digital ecosystem.

Contains 28 pages on:

  • Must Knows
  • Cinema and Films
  • TV
  • Characters
  • Apps
  • Video Games
  • Devices

Did you know? 

Netflix and Amazon are now primary school kids favourite places to watch TV, over traditional platforms such as CBBC and CITV.

Reach Meter

A detailed look into kids online behaviour

Providing a detailed understanding of their online behaviour by day, time, and seeing which platforms are successful in engaging kids.

Contains 35 pages on:

  • Must Knows
  • Devices
  • Viewing: TV
  • Viewing: VOD
  • Viewing: Internet
  • Social
  • Chat

Did you know? 

Only four to nine year olds currently watch more TV than YouTube.

Leisure Measure

Leisure Measure is the definitive guide to what kids are doing offline.

From how they spend their time, who they spend their time with, what they enjoy doing and what they are currently consuming.

Contains 49 pages on:

  • Must Knows
  • Offline Activities
  • Pocket Money
  • Shopping
  • Food and Drink
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Favourite Toys and Games
  • Favourite Brands
  • Brand Influences

Did you know? 

Despite been labelled ‘generation swipe’, young people were more likely to have spent their pocket money on the high street this quarter.

Trend Alert

Trend Alert looks into what the latest trends are in the world of kids 

And looks to identify what has caused these trends, and what kids think will be the next big thing!

Contains 26 pages on:

  • Must Knows
  • Talked About
  • YouTube
  • Music Trends
  • Toy Trends
  • Brand Trends
  • TV Trends
  • Personalities
  • Cool or Not

Did you know?

Brands that ignore eSports are ignoring a huge teenage audience. Organised live gaming competitions are expected to be a billion pound global industry by 2020, with an audience of 600million – many of these teens.






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